Camping with a Christian Purpose

Are you looking for a camp that combines good, clean fun with sound Christian teaching?

Crystal Springs Baptist Camp is the answer! This camp combines both worlds in a beautiful lake side setting. Located 65 miles east of Bismarck, Crystal Springs is an oasis in the midst of North Dakota's gently rolling plains. It was founded in 1954 with a special purpose in mind:  Present the love of Jesus Christ to all who attend, and invite each to have a personal relationship with Him.

Crystal Springs Baptist Camp is affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference, but is also available for rental to other church groups and denominations.

Upcoming Events

  • Intermediate Camp Jul 16
    Intermediate Camp
    July 16-20, 2018 Intermediate Camp is a five-day camp that is sure to be the talk of your child’s summer break! This camp will provide them with a more in-depth look at what faith in Christ is and what that means for the way we should live our lives. Thrown into the mix will be cabin decorating contests, an outdoor movie, and the ever so popular Mission Impossible!
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  • Family Camp II Jul 27
    Family Camp II
    July 27-29, 2018 Family Camp || is a great way for your family to vacation in the summer! Mornings are spent in family worship and sessions for all ages. Afternoons will be spent down by the lake or your family can choose to participate in the Family Water Wars! Adults will spend a quiet evening meal together as the CSBC staff take great care of your kids! A family talent show & family devotions are other fun activities that you can look forward to this weekend!
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  • Women's Retreat Sep 21
    Women's Retreat
    September 21-22, 2018 Women’s retreat is a great getaway to spend some time refreshing your soul and refocusing your life! Come enjoy a relaxing weekend filled with uplifting conversations, impactful teaching, & a peaceful environment.
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  • Senior High Fall Retreat Oct 19
    Senior High Fall Retreat
    October 19-21, 2018 Senior High Fall Retreat is an annual gathering of high school students. The school year is just getting started and this weekend break is a great way to help high schoolers remember to focus on God throughout their year. The weekend is encouraging and uplifting and it can be just that boost that high schoolers need to stand firm in their faith!
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