Crystal Springs Baptist Camp (CSBC) agrees to furnish the camp facilities and meals to the following group:

Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.

The dates are as follows:

Beginning                                             and closing                                            .


  1. The RENTER shall furnish all personnel necessary for camp operation with the exception of dining room hostess, lifeguards, and store manager. Depending upon the requirements of the renter, cooks, kitchen helpers, and dishwashers can be provided.
  2. The RENTER shall be required to pay an up-front deposit along with this contract. This is to reserve the requested rental dates. In the event this contract is broken due to cancellation, the following refund schedule shall apply: Cancellations received at least:

                                        1 Year Prior to Rental Dates: 100% Refund

                                        6 Months Prior to Rental Dates: 50% Refund

                                        Less than 6 Months Prior: No Refund

Note: Cancellations received less than one year prior to rental dates reserved for the months of June, July, & August shall receive no refund.

  1. The required deposit amounts are determined by the estimated attendance for the event. Deposits to be collected shall be as follows: Estimated attendance:

                                                                        0-25:                      $200.00 deposit

                                                                        25-50:                    $500.00 deposit

                                                                        50-100:                  $1,000.00 deposit

                                                                        100-200:               $1,500.00 deposit               

  1. The RENTER is to leave the premises clean and presentable at the close of camp. The RENTER shall not utilize tape, paint, or any other marking material to alter the appearance of the facilities or grounds without express permission from camp management. A portion of the rental deposit shall be withheld in the event of damage done to CSBC equipment or property, or renter’s failure to leave grounds properly cleaned at the end of rental dates.
  2. The RENTER is responsible to the Board of Directors of CSBC, and its representative, the Executive Director.
  3. The operating hours of the CSBC Book Store and Candy Store, Coffee House, and Waterfront Areas are to be agreed upon by the renter and Program Director prior to the start of the event..
  4. The RENTER is responsible to carry their own insurance coverage while you are at camp.
  5. The RENTER shall not utilize the camp facilities or grounds for purposes that are in conflict with the mission statement and values of CSBC or the core beliefs of the North American Baptist Conference (NABC) as outlined in the NAB Statement of Faith.
  6. Alcohol, tobacco, and petsare prohibited


                                ___________________________                                 _____________________________           __________

                                CSBC PROGRAM DIRECTOR                                 RENTER’S CAMP DIRECTOR                 DATE

**This contract, along with the deposit fee, must be returned to Crystal Springs Baptist Camp on or before () to reserve your requested dates. If we do not receive the contract by this date, your retreat will be removed from our calendar and may be rented out to another group.


The RENTER is responsible for informing their constituents about the above stated rules (i.e. #10).

Crystal Springs Baptist Camp reserves the right to book another camp the same dates as your camp, if space permits.

Please sign this form and keep a copy for your records. Then return the original agreement, along with the deposit fee to our office at: Crystal Springs Baptist Camp, 4848 36th St SE, Medina, ND 58467.

Please contact Crystal Springs Baptist Camp 2 weeks prior to your retreat at (701) 486-3467 with camper numbers, copy of the schedule, and other information or questions regarding meals.

* Failure to abide to this agreement can cause immediate termination.