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1) Release of Responsibility: In consideration of the opportunity to participate in the activities, I will not hold Crystal Springs Baptist Camp, its directors, employees, or agents responsible or legally liable for any injuries to the person or property or the results thereof, incurred and suffered as a result of my participation in any of the activities or programs at Crystal Springs Baptist Camp.

2) Willingness to Follow Instructions and Rules: I understand that Crystal Springs Baptist Camp will provide the necessary safety equipment and personnel trained to supervise participation in these activities. I agree to use the equipment as directed and to observe and follow all rules and guidelines for participation in these programs as directed by Crystal Springs Baptist Camp staff. I further agree that any failure to do so on my part may prevent my participation in these activities.


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When you submit this form, you may be directed to our payment processing page. If you agreed to make the registration payment online, successful payment processing is required in order to complete the registration process. If you did not agree to pay online, then you can exit the payment process page and payment will be required at a later date. If you have any questions, please email us at office@csbcamp.org or call us at (701) 486-3467. Thank you!